The Hen Hutch, Handmade Quilts and more

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Welcome! I am starting this blog in hopes to showcase my quilts and crafts. Eventually I would like to sale my items. Most importantly, I hope to inspire new quilters and fellow crafter’s 😳 

Rainy Days

Well the rain continues another day and while I am not too happy about it my garden sure has enjoyed it. I have new blooms, several baby tomatoes and two decent sized banana peppers. My pumpkin and cucumbers have merged into one big plant. Even though I prefer the sunny days, I have worked on quilts, caught up on the gilmore girls and watched a few disney movies with the kids so it’s been productive inspite of the weather. I also made these adorable business cards. I took a few pics of my happy plants between downpours and some of the crafting I’ve done 🙂 Happy Friday!!

Hoop Hand Quilting

A couple of weeks ago I decided to give hand quilting another go. It’s been years since I have and at that time I didn’t have this awesome hoop. Using the hoop is really nice. I honestly think I could use it without pinning or basting which is super great because if you’ve quilted at all you know the hardest part is pinning and actually getting your quilt sandwich ready. I normally quilt on my machine but I like the flexibility and mobility of being able to sew anywhere and on the go. So far using the hoop has been great even though I have struggled a bit getting comfortable but after a couple of stitches you find a soothing rhythm and comfy position. Happy sewing!